What Are the Best Ski Runs at Mount Buller?

This list is sure to be a point of contention for all true Mount Buller veterans. And, of course these options are weather dependant, so it’s crucial to check the condition report before you commit. But on a blue bird day you have a luxury of asking: do I want to go steep and fast, bumpy and wild, or cruisy and chill? So, it’s time to get down to business and decide: what are the very best ski runs down Mt Buller. (In no particular order) let’s take a closer look.

Bourke Street

It’s a slower and sometimes crowded. But, just like the famous shopping strip in the CBD, it can be a whole lot of fun and great for people watching (especially from the lifts). It runs right down spine of the mountain. And there are shops and accommodation right next to the slope.

Fanny’s Finish

The steep runs at Mt Buller really are steep. If you’re ready for something more advanced (and sometimes icy) then it’s time to take it the finish with Fanny. Fair warning: it can get bumpy. But if you want that real adrenaline hit then this run can’t be beat. Best to head on over to Koflers T-Bar and get a tasty drink once you’re done.


Little Buller Spur is a popular one for intermediates but a good one for people skiing at this level is Grimus. Get on it early and it won’t be icy. It’ll throw you down the steep end first, then ease out to a cruise as you keep going. Then the whole thing tapers out into a hollow with snow gums. Perfection.

Outer Edge

Cruise down family run and turn left when you see the sign for Outer Edge. This one’s a steep isolated run. It’ll have you weaving through trees until you feel like you’re dizzy, then it opens up into a clear run. When you hit the cat track turn left and slide on down to Wombat’s Chairlift.

Dam Run

Another great blue run is Dam Run on the northern side of the mountain. It’s very cruise-worthy but with crops of snowgums poking out as you go down it has a bit of a choose-your-own adventure vibe to it.

Federation Run

Go hard or go home. This is one of the most popular advanced on the mountain. It’s got its own lift. It’s long. It’s steep. It’s littered with more moguls than a Hollywood premier.