How to Spend a Day at Mount Buller?

If you’re committing to a day on the slopes it’s important to plan your day so you can get the most out of it. Here are some tips to ensure you love every single microsecond of your alpine adventure.

Eat a big meal the night before

You don’t want to start fading before you’ve even really get started. So remember to carb-load the night before. Eat a big bowl of pasta, or rice veggies, fish and tofu. Quinoa and fish are a great carbohydrate rich option too!

Organise any gear you can before you go up

The big time drain on the mountain is hiring gear or tracking down forgotten essentials. If you have a chance to organise any snow gear before you go up. Ideally, you’ll be able to park. Get a lift ticket, strap in and go. Make sure you’ve packed easily attainable essentials like sunscreen, sunnies, beanies and scarfs.

Get up early

And we mean early! Mt Buller is the most convenient snow park in Victoria, but it’s still going to take three to four hours to get there from Melbourne, so there’s no time to waste! Set that alarm for dawn, have a quick brekkie and get going! And don’t bring cats or dogs, they’ll have to stay home.

Ski or snowboard all morning

The morning is when the slopes are fresh, the body is strong and the mind is agile. Get as many runs as you can in before your body gives up on you.

Take rests

There’s nothing wrong with taking a moment on the top of the mountain to enjoy the fresh air before you get going. You’re on a mountain. It’s important to appreciate the fact you got yourself all the way up there.

Stop for lunch

If you’ve timed it right, you should get a fair few runs in before lunch. Grab a slice of pizza and get going again. Or rest for as long as you can before you start your final adventure for the day.

Keep going

The fatigue usually sets in after a long rest at lunch. But don’t stop! There a probably routes you haven’t even had a chance to try yet. Or your favourite ones could be clearer and ready for the perfect run. Buck yourself up and take it to limit!