What to Do at Mount Buller If You Don’t Want to Ski

Mt Buller is built for an adrenaline-fuelled good time. But you don’t necessarily have to strap on the goggles, clip in the boots and get on that ski lift to have a blast. Here’s a list of awesome stuff you can do on the mountain if you would rather not ski or snowboard.

Day Spa

While the others are bruising themselves on the ice and tightening their muscles in those icy winds, why not take this opportunity to lie back and unwind? Breathtaker on High Day Spa offers a wide range of spa options for men and women including massages, body exfoliations, mud wraps and well-being treatments. They focus on harnessing the natural energy and herbal healing power of Australian native plants and extracts. And the best bit is you can lie back and breathe in the relaxation while taking in stunning vistas of the snow-capped mountain ranges.


Sure, skiing and snowboarding are fun. But have you ever felt the rush of hurtling down a slope and letting go of control? With tobogganing, your only break is your boot in the snow. And it’s glorious! It’s also way cheaper than hiring ski gear. Simply trudge your way to the top then slide on down as far as you can take it. You’ll end up exhausted (and probably a bit soggy) but it’s so much fun that it’s all worth it.

Gnome Roam

Why not take the kids on a self-guided tour of Gnome roam? The gnomes live their all year round waiting for visitors during the day. Legend says they keep themselves busy observing feral cats and doing other mysterious gnome activities. But don’t go at night as that’s when they’re most active! If gnomes generally leave you feeling a little unsettled, you could go for a walk in Mt Buller’s sculpture park instead. There’s a diverse range of spectacular pieces scattered throughout the park on display all year round.

Bars and restaurants

Mt Buller has over 30 venues that are sure to wet your whistle and tantalise your tastebuds. Sink into an easy chair by the fire with a tall beer or a hot cocoa to watch and welcome exhausted skiers flop down in the seats next to you. You will be warm, energised and quietly chuffed.